The Smallville Hotel


At the SmallVille, you’re invited to enjoy great experiences designed to include your whole family, so that no kid gets left behind! With our newly opened club KidsVille, we are ready to give you the time of your life by chilling, socializing or even have a sip at our rooftop bar at The Poolhouse. KidsVille is made to custom your kid’s day from A to Z!

Welcome to the SmallVille, where exceptional experiences await your entire family, ensuring no child is left out.

Our newly opened club, Kids Ville, is a gateway to the time of your life—relaxing, socializing, or sipping at The Poolhouse rooftop bar

Join us at Kids Ville and witness the magic unfold as your child’s imagination takes center stage.

From engaging activities to delightful amenities, Kids Ville ensures that your family’s happiness knows no bounds.

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