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Your September Horoscopes

Welcome to September, cosmic beings! We are one month away from entering the final quarter of the year, and this is quite the transitionary month, filled with opportunities to reflect, rest, and restore ourselves from the inside out. Uranus, the planet of surprise, is now in retrograde in Taurus, is now in retrograde in Taurus, so even though Virgo season’s energy will feel stabilizing, having both Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Earth signs may lead to dramatic shake ups to our foundations. Instead of stressing about elements beyond your control, see if you can find the humor in them.

Aries Sun & Rising

Heads up, Aries! Fiery full moon on the 29th signals your big comeback. Reflect on love after Venus Retrograde ends on the 3rd. Been feeling more vulnerable lately? It’s just the cosmic shifts pushing you to embrace your shadows. The Virgo New Moon on the 14th nudges your health goals, while Mercury goes direct on the 15th, giving you a wellness boost.

Flirt alert! Libra season from the 23rd amps up your charm but stay selective – Libra vibes can scatter focus. Feeling a need to distance from energy vampires as the month closes? Do it, but remember: some goodbyes are just see-you-laters. 😉

Taurus Sun & Rising

Taurus, feel the Jupiter retrograde vibes from September 4, taking you on a throwback to 2012! Time to revisit old memories and get inspired. Venus in Leo goes direct on the 3rd, easing your moods and urging you to break free from intimacy hurdles. Give a nod to the lessons learnt!

The Virgo New Moon on the 14th whispers “get it together”, and Mercury’s nudge on the 15th keeps you committed. Got a bad habit? Target ditching it between the 15th-25th while the moon’s magic is strong. 🌙🌟

Gemini Sun & Rising

Gemini, September kicks off with a call to juggle Mercury’s retrograde vibes. Feeling swamped by tasks? Hang in there! The Virgo New Moon on the 14th hints at reconnecting with family, and with Mercury aligning, misunderstandings are likely to clear up. Mars in Libra boosts your chat game, making conversations smoother.

Come Libra season on the 23rd, expect a splash of romance and adventure after deep self-reflection. Ready to date or simply treat yourself? Go for it! Just remember, the cosmos might make choices a tad tricky. No rush; listen to your heart and take it slow. 💖🌌🌠

Cancer Sun & Rising

Cancer, expect a wild transformative September! Blame Pluto for shaking your world view. Friendships might have shifted due to cosmic chaos, but come the Virgo New Moon on the 14th, you’ll see the bigger picture.

Homey vibes alert: Libra season on the 23rd is all about sprucing up your space. Thanks to Mercury going direct on the 15th, you’ll dive deep into home projects, appreciating the beauty of baby steps. Bonus: the Aries full moon on the 29th could surprise with career wins! 🌠🏡🎉

Leo Sun & Rising

Leo, Virgo season’s here, urging a routine-check. But keep the fun alive, especially with the Venus Retrograde mood swings! Once Venus goes direct on the 3rd, expect to glow differently. But don’t get too lost in the new attention; clear intentions matter. Hold off major love moves till Mercury’s clarity on the 15th.

Feeling artsy? Libra season from the 23rd brings out your creative flair. Dive into a hobby just for the joy of it, and let your inner child play. This month, it’s about soulful self-expression, not profit. 🎨❤️🌟

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, shine on! It’s your birthday season, boosting your growth on every front. Mercury’s retro vibes until mid-September help you see the magic right in front of you. Take a breather, enjoy the moment!

On the 14th, the new moon in your sign aligns with Mercury going direct. Less miscommunication awaits! Aim to soften that inner critic, especially in your prime season. Set fresh intentions from the 14th-25th for newfound confidence.

Come Libra season on the 23rd, it’s money-time! Dive into creative ventures for extra cash. A past collaborator might pop back in, lifting your projects even higher. 🌱💰🎨

Libra Sun & Rising

Libra, as your birthday nears on the 23rd, Mars gives you a lively sneak peek. This month’s mantra: reinvent without splurging! Think garage sales or thrifty finds for a fresh makeover.

Jupiter and Uranus retrogrades hint: guard your resources and secrets. Work low-key on your passions in September’s early weeks. When your birthday vibes hit, and with the Aries full moon on the 29th, you’ll be ready to unveil your projects. With Mercury Retrograde out, it’s your time to shine and share! 🎈🎉🔍

Scorpio Sun & Rising

Scorpio, ride the wave of last month’s dreamy Pisces full moon vibes. With Venus going direct on the 3rd, embrace romance and release tension. Yet, Jupiter and Uranus retrograding in your relationship sector on the 4th might tug your heart and mind in different directions. Swap screen time for nature’s embrace to find your balance.

Mars in Libra hints at some indecision, but stay flexible, especially as Libra season kicks off on the 23rd. Expect some detours. But by the Aries full moon on the 29th, you’ll dance with the unexpected, fearlessly embracing change. 🌙🦂🍃

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Sag, the tone shifts this month as Jupiter, your guiding planet, retrogrades in Taurus from September 4. Your usual optimism might wane, inviting you to appreciate life’s middle tones. Embracing moments of neutrality is part of the journey. The Virgo new moon on the 14th prompts a lifestyle declutter, and with Mercury going direct on the 15th, you’ll find joy in simple tasks, possibly discovering forgotten treasures.

As Libra Season starts on the 23rd, social connections come into focus. However, with Jupiter retrograde, exercise caution. Ensure new acquaintances are genuine, building relationships on trust rather than hasty connections. 🌙🏹🤝

Aquarius Sun & Rising

Heads up, Aquarius! Uranus is doing the retrograde dance in Taurus, so expect some cosmic hiccups. How about a tech detox to avoid overload? During Virgo season, double-check your team vibes and finances. Circle the 14th and 15th – perfect days for sorting out business. Yay to Libra season on the 23rd! It vibes with you. Make a year-end fun list and grab a pal for the adventures! 🚀📵🌌🤝🎉

Pisces Sun & Rising

Hey Pisces! Still riding that full moon wave from August? Keep that dream journal handy; the cosmos is sending answers. On the 14th, the Virgo new moon spotlights love and partnerships. Got unfinished biz? Retrograde season has your back, helping you see what you missed. By the end of the month, with Libra vibes and the Aries full moon, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come – spiritually, financially, and professionally. Go, you! 🌕📓❤️🔄🌟